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Thursday, December 12, 2019

CRS & Handheld POS Terminal


CRS & Handheld POS Terminal
Compact and Robust Handheld for
Point-of-Sale/Service Applications
 POS Handhelds non touch & touch screens in compact and robust packages for point-of-service/sale applications, inventory management, and field applications. With the high performance processors, and large memory and flash, these POS handhelds enhance performance, energy efficiency, and storage capacity. Emphasizing superior integration and handling,handhelds offer options for embedded POS-centric peripherals, including magnetic stripe and RFID readers, and powerful barcode scanners.


Designed for real-life handling in harsh operating conditions, the handhelds feature drop-protection, IP-rated for dust and water-proof operations, and replaceable batteries for extended performance. DT Research’s POS Handhelds provide the precise features needed to streamline operations
and improve productivity, accurate data collection and service efficiency, and secure payment transactions.

• Slim and lightweight design
• Dynamic virtual keyboard
• Support Symban or Android operating system
• Built-in WLAN and Bluetooth connection
• Optionl barcode scanner and Magnetic stripe reader (MSR) modules

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